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"I started BYU-Pathway Worldwide because I was feeling stuck in my professional career. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made! I gained skills that helped me spiritually, personally, and professionally. "What I remember most is an experience I had when I was struggling to understand a subject I could not understand. Thankfully I came across a lesson that taught me that as long as we use our knowledge to build God's kingdom, He will bless us with a greater understanding. This gave me hope and the determination to persist. With the support of my husband, I eventually finished! "Now, I'm studying Social Media Marketing and because of BYU-Pathway, I landed my first job as a Community Manager. It's been an incredible journey filled with achievement and goodness. I'm grateful for BYU-Pathway and the opportunities it has given me." — Flor Lugo Vargas, Venezuela

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